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Think positively — Universal Principles

Principle — Think positively

Positive – contributing toward or characterized by increase or progression.

When you think of it, negative thinking is just plain stupid. Why would I want that? But for some reason, our minds have a tendency to think negatively anyway. But by forcing ourselves to think positively, we can actually make positive outcomes more likely.

Make up your mind

The 16th president of US, Abraham Lincoln, said:

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Have you made up your mind yet? What did you decide?

Make up your mind!, by Quinn Dombrowski

June 19, 2011   Comments Off

A bad day

From a seminar with the often thought-provoking economist Charlie Söderberg. (FTBM)

There is no such thing as a “bad day”. Why not have just a “bad minute” or even a “bad breath”, and be done with it?

Bad day -After-, by jasohill

May 17, 2011   Comments Off

Affected by the weather?

Some ideas about how weather affects different people, from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

Reactive people are often affected by their physical environment. If the weather is good, they feel good. If it isn’t, it affects their attitude and their performance. Proactive people can carry their own weather with them. Whether it rains or shines makes no difference to them.

SUNFLAIR, by Sandra Marek

Reactive people are also affected by their social environment, by the “social weather”. When people treat them well, they feel well; when people don’t, they become defensive or protective. Reactive people build their emotional lives around the behavior of others, empowering the weaknesses of other people to control them.

Does your mood depend on the weather?

guaranteed, by Ramon Rosati

February 18, 2011   3 Comments

The responsibility is with you

Speaker and coach Birgitta Granström provides some tips for how to get through darker times. (FTBM)

Discover that the ball always is yours. “You have sole responsibility for being your best you, that you feel good and that you give positive energy to your surroundings.”

Medal of Honor, by familymwr

January 24, 2011   Comments Off

Special habits

A quote from the Personal Leadership course by LMI on the power of thoughts. [FTBM]

We must realize that properties such as confidence, self esteem, enthusiasm and determination are nothing but a special kind of habits.

Serendipity, by Mr eNil

January 6, 2011   Comments Off

Summarize the year

When one year ends and another begins, it is a natural point to reflect on the year that has passed. As an exercise which might prove rather rewarding, try summarize all the great things you’ve done in the year past. Go through your calendar, your diary, your facebook wall, twitter, notes, your memory, and anything else which might remind you of the positive things you’ve done during the last 12 months. Or look at the principles on this site, and for each of them try to come up with positive examples of when you’ve followed them in your life. Gather all the things you come up with, big and small alike, in one long positive list.

So it goes, by Brian HathcockNow, pick your top 10 things from the list. Merge or summarize multiple items if you feel like it. Try to be concrete. Try to be positive. Don’t be shy even though it might feel like bragging. (It is bragging, and it is okay!)

Then create a document with these 10 items. Limit yourself to a single page. Choose some nice fonts, try to make a nice layout, or perhaps add some pictures. Anything which will make you happy when you look at it. Then print that document and put it clearly visible in your home, where you will see it during the day. It might be in your kitchen, next to your bed, or wherever fits you. Never mind if someone else sees it, that’s okay. After all, you have reason to be proud of the things on that list anyway!

Finally, to take my own advice, here are the 10 things that I’ve done during 2010 that I’m the most proud of.

  • Followed my heart and switched job
  • Purposefully acted to increase quality at my work
  • Got a new apartment with a first hand contract
  • Increased my salary by 10k SEK per month and saved 50k
  • Gained an overview and took control of my personal economy
  • Lived healthily and exercised regularly
  • Became more outgoing, made more presentations, and shared knowledge
  • Put together after works, parties, bachelor parties, and other events
  • Ran regularly and finished the half-marathon Göteborgsvarvet
  • Took a very challenging but rewarding course in personal development

December 30, 2010   Comments Off

First comes the idea

Steven Pressfield, talks about resistance, and how it is a sign of something greater.

Gravity cannot reach us anymore, by Mark Witton

Remember: Resistance arises second.

What comes first is the idea, the passion, the work we are so excited to create that it scares the shit out of us.

What is it that you are passionate enough about to became scared to do?

December 23, 2010   Comments Off

Failure in advance

Seth Godin described anxiety in a way which really makes you realize how stupid it is.

Anxiety is nothing but repeatedly re-experiencing failure in advance. What a waste.

Vicksburg National Military Park, by Ken Lund

Sounds really stupid, doesn’t it?

December 17, 2010   1 Comment

So much to learn, so little time

Don't Breathe, by jensmith826

My thoughts on getting older.

I’m getting close to thirty years old. Some people start to panic and want to turn back time or at the very least stop it. I just realized the other day, a much better way to look at it. I’ve lived less than 30 years so far, and I’ve really learned quite a lot! I expect to live at least for 30 more years, perhaps even twice that. Imagine how much I will know in 30 or 60 years! It’s mind-blowing! :-)

My only problem, when I am 90 years old, there will be so many things I still don’t know, and so little time to learn them. ;-)

March 13, 2010   Comments Off

Think right

Speaker and coach Birgitta Granström provides some tips for how to get through darker times. (FTBM)

Always have invigorating thoughts. Often tough events bring positive effects. So play with the idea that the hard, in fact, is good.

I have never had a problem..., by Abe and Liina Novy

February 28, 2010   Comments Off