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The 5 Choices

FranklinCovey is an education company founded by Stephen R Covey, author of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The 5 Choices logo

Recently they have launched The 5 Choices, a set of five principles to improve one’s productivity. They are:

  1. Act on the important – don’t react to the urgent
  2. Go for extraordinary – don’t settle for ordinary
  3. Schedule the big rocks – don’t sort gravel
  4. Rule your technology – don’t let it rule you
  5. Fuel your fire – don’t burn out

To properly launch this new concept, they do a 175 city world seminar tour. These seminars are free and available in most countries, so take a look, they might be coming to you too. The seminars are obviously marketing for their concept, but they might very well contain something of value for you nevertheless.

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The Courage to Live Consciously

Red Badge of Courage, by drogomossA short but in my opionion great read, is the article:

The Courage to Live Consciously by Steve Pavlina

It describes very well how we might easily live our lives “unconsciously” without realizing it. We often simply live out the expectations from our friends, parents, colleagues, neighbours, and the society in large. The article then describes why and how we can make concious choices about how to live our life.

A short summary of what Steve means by “courage”, and what the article is about:

By courage I mean the ability to face down those imaginary fears and reclaim the far more powerful life that you’ve denied yourself. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of going broke. Fear of being alone. Fear of humiliation. Fear of public speaking. Fear of being ostracized by family and friends. Fear of physical discomfort. Fear of regret. Fear of success.

Both my life and this blog have to a large degree been inspired by this article.

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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done, commonly abbreviated GTD, is a method to organize your life and be more productive. It is created by David Allen and first described in a book with the same name.

In this post, I don’t intend to describe the method in any detail (see diagram below, though). Instead, I simply want to urge you to give it a read! It’s not too long and a rather easy read. Best of all, I can almost guarantee that it will have a positive impact on your life.

As with virtually any method, very few follow it by the book all the time, but many of the principles are very powerful. Some of my favorites include:

Below is a diagram summarizing the method. (But do still read the book!) There are tons of programs and tools to help you follow GTD, of which Things for Mac, iPhone, and iPad is my favorite.

Getting Things Done, from petecodella.com

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