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Once and only once — Universal Principles

Principle — Once and only once

Never look at that email again

When you check your email, do you ever read an item and then mark it as unread again? “I’ll deal with it later”, you say to yourself. I guess you do. Maybe checked your email again later and just skipped that “unread” message again?

In life, pain is inevitable, the suffering is optional..., by tapperboy

Here’s an idea for you. Just look at a piece of email one single time. After that you should have dealt with it. That is, depending on the content, you should have taken some appropriate action, decided it requires no action,  scheduled it for later, or similar.

However, you should never have to look at that email again. Every extra time you look at it is just 1) inefficient, and potentially 2) a guilt trip.

December 20, 2009   5 Comments