Principle — Lead by example

The responsibility is with you

Speaker and coach Birgitta Granström provides some tips for how to get through darker times. (FTBM)

Discover that the ball always is yours. “You have sole responsibility for being your best you, that you feel good and that you give positive energy to your surroundings.”

Medal of Honor, by familymwr

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How can I cause surprise in others?

Martin Gommel, describes in the description of the (really beautiful) picture below, how you have to believe in something yourself to make others do it.

Adore, by Martin Gommel

Being a photographer, has a lot to do with letting myself being amazed or astonished or marvelling at the beauty of it. Because that is the fuel that empowers me to move on. So how can I cause surpise in others when am not ? I strongly believe I can’t do it under this circumstances. If I feel bored while shooting something my composition and then the image will be boring to the viewer, too.

Do you lead by example?

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