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Consistency is king — Universal Principles

Principle — Consistency is king

Consistency – harmony of parts to one another or a whole.

We want to feel familiarity. Want to recognize. It makes us feel safe. Feel happy. We make the same choice over and over again. We buy products we recognize. Consistency is king!

Not by a team

A great quote by J. Richard Hackman, as tweeted by Jurgen Appelo.

“Not a single great novel, epic poem, or symphonic score has ever been written by a team.” – J. Richard Hackman

Porsche 911 GT3, by Elvis John Ferrao

January 31, 2011   Comments Off

Which product would you rather buy?

Seth Godin, talks about how a few people with courage will win over many without courage any day.

The iPod came from two people, Steve and Jonathan. The Zune came from 250. Which product would you rather own?

The pets would like to say hi, by normalityrelief

Which one would you buy?

February 19, 2010   Comments Off

Design by committee

In the 80th Stack Overflow podcast, Joel Spolsky discusses why consistency is necessary to get a great product. He is commenting on the suggestion that you continuously look at the top customer requests for your product and work on them.

That sounds like a particularly bad version of design by committee. [...] You’ll never get an iPhone by asking cell phone users what they want, that’s how you get Windows Mobile, if you just sit there adding features, and adding features, and adding features, and adding features, and adding features. If at any given time you take the top 10 features that people want and you’re working on them, you never gonna get a phone with one button on the front screen and that’s it.

New Ba Dinh Hall/ Assembly House, by E8Club

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Controlling the concepts

dockheads, by Phil Hilfiker

In The Mythical Man-Month, Fred Brooks asks:

Won’t one get a better product by getting the good ideas from all the team, following a democratic philosophy, rather than restricting the development of specifications to a few?

He answers that while we might get more ideas by asking more people, and miss out on some good ideas by not asking them, the answer is “no”. It is more important to have a set of few coherent and consistent good ideas than a motley mix of many great. In his own words:

All my own experience convinces me, that the conceptual integrity of a system determines it’s ease of use. [...] If a system is to have conceptual integrity, someone must control the concepts. That is an aristocracy that needs no apology.

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