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Personal Leadership — Universal Principles

Inspired by — Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership is a course, held by LMI, on advancing leadership of others through personal leadership.

Special habits

A quote from the Personal Leadership course by LMI on the power of thoughts. [FTBM]

We must realize that properties such as confidence, self esteem, enthusiasm and determination are nothing but a special kind of habits.

Serendipity, by Mr eNil

January 6, 2011   Comments Off

Reach beyond your self-image

A quote on controlling your life from the Personal Leadership course by LMI. (FTBM)

You can not reach beyond your self-image, but you can choose to change it if you want to.

Ten things you can do..., by Kevin  Dooley

What does your self-image stop you from achieving?

February 24, 2010   Comments Off

A simple psychological fact

Quoted from LMI’s Personal Leadership course. (FTBM)

It is a simple psychological fact that you act as the person you think you are.

Mixed Media Painting (Detail) by Choichun Leung, by See-ming Lee

Do you think you’re good?

January 28, 2010   Comments Off

You reap what you sow

A quote from the LMI course Personal Leadership. (FTBM)

We often have to pay in advance with work and effort for a desirable outcome, while the result of a bad choice is often delayed. This, that the time we have to pay for our poor choices is delayed, may leads us to believe that we somehow might escape. But we will not. We can not choose one thing and reap the benefits of another. We can also not blame fate or bad luck when we afterwards have to pay the price for an unwise choice or decision.

bow me, by Harold Lloyd

December 24, 2009   Comments Off

Good decisions require bad ones

Quoted from LMI‘s Personal Leadership course. (FTBM)

If you are unwilling to choose and make decisions because you are afraid to fail, you will choose the safe alternative rather than the uncertain. You will thus miss out on the experiences which enable you to make better and better choices. Good decisions are made on basis of the past.

HARRY CLARKE - St Thomas Aquinas, by Fergal OP

December 23, 2009   Comments Off

Know where you are going

A quote, taken from the course Personal Leadership, given by LMI Sweden. (FTBM)

Your surroundings respect he who knows where he is going, but doesn’t care much about the one who’s decisions are made by others.

Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going, by Joaquim Brissaud

December 23, 2009   Comments Off