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About this site — Universal Principles

About this site

I, the author of this blog, am a Swedish IT consultant interested in among other things software development, management and personal development.

Lonely tree, by Jule_BerlinWhile studying various subjects, I started to notice something. In many of the books or magazines, there were a few ideas that were showing up over and over again. Depending on author and context they could be expressed differently, but they were still really the same ideas.

When I realized this, I started to document these ideas – or universal principles as I’ve come to call them. After a while, it struck me that it would make a good foundation for a web site. And here we are.

My goal is not to provide an answer to the question about life, the universe, and everything. (That has already been done.) Rather, I’m just documenting what I see, and what resonates well with me.

I expect to add new content regularly as I stumble upon new examples of these principles. Hopefully, it’ll be fairly regularly, but to paraphrase McSweeney’s:

Whether or not I put things up will depend largely on whether, on a particular day, I have anything to put up.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Feel free to comment!

Henrik Jernevad